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TachoReader TachoReader


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The module enables remote downloading of the tachograph and driver card data as well as the current reading of the tachograph status.

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Product Features

The TachoReader module increases the range of the data obtained by the reader by tachograph and driver card data as well as the current tachograph data.


Due to the direct connection to the vehicle’s tachograph, the module enables remote reading of the tachograph and driver card memory data. The authorisation for this process does not require inserting the company card directly to the tachograph, and although the card is necessary for completing the process it may be kept in the company’s headquarters.

The product copies the functions offered by TachoBus and reads directly the information on driving status, driver’s duty mode, and driver card numbers. This data lets us unmistakably identify the driver and it is a key tool for the verification of the driver’s working time with the corresponding law regulations. The detailed range of the obtained data depends on the device setting and the tachograph producer.


Thanks to the TachoReader module the system will be able to supply a set of data from the vehicle’s tachograph.


It includes:





Cable harness Z8A

Cable harness Z8B