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Skaut 4

Skaut 4

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The most advanced recorder and GPS tracker available in our offer. Multiple input slots, flexible configuration and numerous protocols which can be used makes the device irreplaceable for demanding applications.

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Product Features

Our recorder is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and technologically advanced devices available at present on the market.

Skaut 4 is the state of the art product thanks to our experience in designing and manufacturing  data recorders. It is the fourth generation of the line of devices and as such it has gained various features which make it the most versatile tool for vehicle tracking and gathering driving data.



support tablets and smartphones


support for multiple external devices

power supply

enhanced power management


huge opportunities configuration


The variety of recorded parameters and the number of sensors and protocols used are among its biggest advantages. Therefore Skaut4 is irreplaceable for demanding and complex applications.


It includes:


Skaut 4


GPS aerial

GSM aerial 


Cable harness Z1

Cable harness Z2



Technical capabilities

The task of the recorder is not only collecting but also transferring data as well as cooperation/compatibility with auxiliary modules, transfer cost control and initial analysis of the gathered data.


GPS tracking

Tracking data can be freely configured according to the distance, time and azimuth both in your country and abroad. For more detailed route projection on the map, the points density can be increased, independently from other registered parameters. Information transfer can be carried out asynchronously after the occurrence of certain events.


Built-in acceleration sensor

When calibrated it provides information about sudden accelerations, brakings and sharp turns. It may be used to send automatically notifications about accidents.


Transfer cost control

The number and frequency of the sent parameters can be set in such a way as to keep the transfer cost down. To achieve this we apply special compression algorithms and diversify parameters during the transfer in your country or abroad.


Numerous configurable input and output slots

The recorder supports digital, frequency, counting and analogue input slots as well as CAN and JBUS. USB port enables connection of numerous peripheral devices such as a keyboard, a pen drive or a Bluetooth module.


Power supply

The standard inner battery enables the device power supply in case of the lack of internal power supply. Special input slot let us connect an external battery carefully chosen according to individual needs. In certain circumstances advanced saving power algorithms as well as turning off the device might be applied.



The recorder is homologated in the category of immobilizers and received the efficiency class which makes it possible to use the device as an antitheft protection. It may result in additional discounts  given by your insurance agency. The possibility to start the vehicle is granted only to authorized drivers.


Petrol consumption

Apart from the analogue connection of fuel probes the recorder supports digital protocols of the following probes: Perpetuum, Aplisens and Harteq. The parameters dedicated to fuel control allow filtering and initial data analysis.


Terminal support

Built-in Setivo terminal support: T4C and T8C. Additional support for Garmin FMI protocol with a possibility to plug in a Bluetooth module, which greatly increases the number of supported devices.



Data read from CAN/FMS/J1708 are a part of the configuration(???). It allows us to change the range of obtained data at any moment as well as received data from unusual sources such as specializing superstructures or additional equipment. Two way communication with the bus as well as only monitoring is possible. In the latter case we recommend using a contactless connection which makes the installation faster and minimizes the interference with the wiring system of the vehicle.


Remote update of the firmware

The firmware can be uploaded to the recorder either in a local or remote way which facilitates error correction and finding new solutions when the requirements alter.


Supporting the extension module

The built-in support of all the additional modules offered by Setivo and the integration with numerous solutions offered by other companies. Thanks to the exterior devices you can increase the device capabilities by, for example, the readings from wireless temperature sensors, cement-mixer rotation sensors, trailers id transmitters, RFiD readers, tachographs and other devices.



The powerful driving style analyzing tool. In the case of Skaut4 it is not a single parameter but flexible, configurable tool which makes a multidimensional analysis of petrol consumption possible.