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RFID readerRFID reader

RFID reader

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The card reader enables the identification of employees and limiting the access to vehicles to a particular group of people.

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Product Features

Skaut readers may act as an immobilizer and as such they grant access to the vehicle to authorized personnel only. RFID Skaut is one of the ways to identify employees.


In the simplest case when the immobilizer is not active, the RFID reader is used solely for the employee identification and as such it determines who and when has been using a particular vehicle.

In all other cases which require authorized use of the vehicle, Skaut4 reader is able to remember  up to 60 different authorized ids.


The reader supports a card standard Unique 125 Hz, is equipped with both acoustic and optical alarms. The communication with the reader through 1-Wire or RS232 interface. 


It includes: