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Skaut 5 CANSkaut 5 CAN

Skaut 5 CAN

PLN  602.70

A basic reader supporting CAN bus. It possesses a limited number of slots therefore it is a perfect solution for the uses in which most information will be obtained directly form the bus. 

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Product Features

A reliable module for vehicle positioning. In enables monitoring of the current position, browsing the route logbook, refuelling stops, border crossings as well as the analysis of speed and other parameters. The possibility to connect an additional analogue signal (e.g. a float, a fuel sensing unit) and two digital ones (e.g. the ignition, a Webasto auxiliary heater, a panic button). Optionally, an external power supply battery can be connected. Connection to CAN/FMS bus enables the reading and the analysis of numerous additional vehicle parameters. 


Positioning Yes
Digital slots 2
Analogue slots 1
Battery Optional (external connection)
Immobilizer Yes


It includes:



Skaut 5 CAN


GPS aerial


GSM aerial


Cable harness Z1


Cooperates with...