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EcoDriving Upgrade

EcoDriving Upgrade

PLN  86.10

The software upgrade of the reader to Skaut 5 Drive version provides unique ways of flexible and accommodating individual needs analysis of driving efficiency. 

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Product Features

Brand new reader software ensures more effective use of the device as well as provides completely new options.


Skaut 4 is currently the most advanced reader available in our offer. And only just recently its capabilities have increased. Many months of research resulted in brand new software, substantially increasing the efficiency and capability of the device. We have changed and improved almost everything, starting with the way it operates, data transfer protocols, configuration and finally we have added completely new functionalities. It is to analyse more, deliver faster and offer even more options. The reader with the upgraded software has been called Skaut 4 Drive. We are particularly proud of the newly designed functionality for driving efficiency analysis.


New EcoDriving

The previous version of the reader already provided the user with much information on driving efficiency but the latest one shifts this functionality to a completely different level. And now we are offering eco-driving which includes:

  • 3D collection of data
  • Freely configurable choice of parameters as well as their interaction
  • Grouping and calculating each parameter available in the device
  • Individually defined ranges of data
  • Defined data transmission, independently from other measured data
  • Built-in analysis of typical driving parameters
  • Creating patterns with personal settings and uploading them locally or remotely to each device


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